Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Explosive Marshmallows + Enter the logo contest!

Here are the details about the contest before we get to my disaster story:

Little Frosted Adventures needs a logo-

Everyone is welcome to participate, tell your friends, tell artistic people, email your family, spread the word.

Here are the rules:
1. It has to involve cupcakes somehow
2. It has to be PG, child friendly, you know what I mean
3. Your submission has to be emailed to me at
4. You can submit as many designs as you want!

To encourage people to enter there will be a prize (which will be announced soon) for the winning logo!

The winning logo will be released on the 1st of January 2010, and obviously whomever wins will have the bragging rights for the rest of time as it will be featured on Little Frosted Adventures.

Now to the story you've been waiting for.

So, last night I tried making marshmallow cupcakes to announce the official start of Little Frosted Adventure's Quest for a logo. Why marshmallows? Because they were on sale, as good a reason as any.

It did not go as expected. 

You know what marshmallows do when they get hot? They sort of expand far beyond their structural integrity and go everywhere. One might think that since the marshmallows were covered in delicious cupcake-ness they'd be contained, noooo, that was not the case, all of the marshmallows somehow made their way to the top to splatter all over my oven. 

I tried salvaging them with marshmallow frosting, but once again, a failure. I  mixed some marshmallow cream with cream cheese and powdered sugar, after chilling over night it looked like a good solid frosting. But once I put it on the cupcakes it slowly oozed into whichever position it thought was best. This resulted in huge horrible mess.

I used marshmallow cream for the cake part of the cupcakes, and that went fairly well, but it didn't add any sort of marshmallow flavor, they tasted just like normal vanilla cupcakes. So perhaps Marshmallow cream deserves to be revisited in the future, but as for now, marshmallows have no place in cupcakes.

Keep checking back because later this week there will some interesting cupcake attempts, nutella cupcakes, cranberry red velvet cupcakes, and chocolate cherry cupcakes, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you have any crazy cupcake ideas and want to see me try to make some email me your ideas at ! 

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  1. No injuries, it's still progress! Keep moving forward! (You saw the movie, Meet the Robinsons, didn't you?)