Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No recipe tonight

A few mornings ago I woke up to sirens, I assumed someone on our street had a small fire, today I found out it was because a family lost their two month old to SIDS. I don't personally know the family, I hadn't even known there was another family with a baby on our street, but I can't help but feel for them and imagine myself in their position.

So, tonight instead of a new post I'm going to cuddle Nikolai and be extra thankful for him and his health. I hope all of you can send your thoughts, prayers, well wishes (whatever you believe in) to the family in hopes that somehow they can get through this.


  1. So sad. When I took infant CPR in the summer, there was a couple in the class (the wife was expecting,) who had lost their first baby to SIDS. It was hard for her to be there, everyone in class felt terrible for them, but I'm glad they were preparing for their new baby. I can't imagine the horror.

  2. I wrote your new post~! What should I do with ittttttt???