Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I don't like almonds... why did I think I'd like almond milk?

Todays kitchen extravaganza yielded not so gorgeous results, so lets start this off with a picture of my kiddo.

My sister in law likes almond milk, I like my sister in law, so obviously by the transitive property, I like almond milk... Right? No, not at all. Being the crazy lets-try-making-everything-on-our-own-instead-of-buying-it-from-a-store person I am I decided that making almond milk would be a fantastic idea, and it would be healthy and I could surprise my sister in law and hooray hooray it will be so great. 

I had been reading something, not sure what, when I came across this tutorial on how to make almond milk...and this is basically how it works:

1. Get some almonds (non roasted, plain, boring almonds) and put them in a container. Fill that container with water and stuff it in the fridge over night, or just a few hours, or something) I left mine in over night.

2. They'll get all  puffed up and expand and turn the water sort of murky.

3. Dump out the old water, put some almonds in a blending device of your choice, add some new clean water...

4. And blend, blend, blend. Until almond water stuff is squishing out of the blending device and covering your counters in almond juice. But, really, just blend until the almonds are tiny pieces and your liquid is all whiteish.

5. Like this

6. I didn't get a picture of the next step because Nikolai was trying to eat my camera and I was covered in almond liquid and my floor was covered in accidentally spilled almonds...But, you've got to strain all the almond chunks out of your almond milk so it isn't even more gross ( no offense to almond fans ) than it already is...Then you can add some vanilla and sugar to make it better, but in my opinion that really didn't help...

7. I do have all of this almond meal to do something with now though.... Does any one have any favorite recipes or suggestions for what I should do with this stuff?


  1. Never in a million years would I have thought to try making my own almond milk. In fact, never in a 100,000 years would I have thought to even BUY almond milk at a grocery store. Obviously we are one of the lucky few in this world who don't have any food allergies in our family or extended family.

    Thank you for this post though, because now it will be at least a billion years before I attempt to make my own almond milk.

    And now I am thoroughly sick of typing "almond milk."

  2. I bought it, tried to like it, but didn't. Good for you for trying, though. Did you give it to Amanda? Did she like it? As for almond meal, I use that as an exfoliant on my face with ground oatmeal and baking soda in the morning! But, since you prob don't want almonds touching you, I suggest making almond crescent cookies!