Sunday, December 12, 2010

Making a baked goods box out of cereal boxes

Everyone loves to recycle! Right?

I do, and I'm also really cheap, so when I'm giving cookies as gifts I hate to buy things to put them in, or loan out my tupperware ish tubs because they tend to never come back, so, I've started repurposing empty cereal boxes into convenient cookie boxes. (Though you could really put anything in them)

You'll need:
A glue stick
Two cereal boxes of the same size
Wrapping paper

Start by cutting the front or back panel off of a box

Cut the flap off of the panel about 1 inch below the fold

You're going to put the top of the box back together, tape it, then add the cut off piece folded over the edge and tape it down.

Repeat with the other box, allowing some extra room at the top by making a new fold at the flaps 1/8 of an inch away form the previous one.

To cover the boxes you'll want to cover the back with glue and set down in the middle of a piece of wrapping paper big enough to go up the sides and fold over all the edges

Bring the box up on to its side and cut from the edge of the paper perpendicular to the edge of the box so  that the paper will fit the length of the box

Do the same thing along all four sides.
Then at each corner cut from the end of each cut to the one next to it across the corner

Next you're going to do some tricky folding.. pictures will describe it better than words I think

You might find it helpful to draw this line to help you figure out where your fold will be 

 Glue up the short sides 

Fold in and then make a crease so you can pull the next side up....

Glue and fold over the edge

Now fill your box with cookies and give it away!

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