Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to mail cookies

With the crazy gift giving winter season upon up I thought it would be fun to show how to give baked goods as gifts so you can enjoy spending time at home in your warm nice smelling kitchen instead of in a store battling people for the last zhu zhu pet.

Today we'll be mailing cookies; without them going stale or getting gross!

You'll need:
Cookies (I'm using the my snickerdoodles)
A container (like a cookie tin or some tupperware you don't mind mailing away)
Seran wrap or freezer paper

My seran wrap isn't pictured because the box is ugly
Pull out about 12 inches of foil
(You'll need more or less depending on cookie size)

Cut it in half

Put two cookies, bottoms together, on the tinfoil

And wrap them up completely

Stuff all the cookies in your container

Before sealing the container add a piece of seran 
wrap or your freezer paper to make the seal air tight

Add the lid and you're ready to send them!
(If the lid isn't one that snaps on real well I'd add
a few rubber bands to keep it on tight)

Also, when sending cookies it's better to chose less moist recipes and wait until they're cool to package.

Happy cookie mailing!

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